Our mission
Simplifying Recruiting for Everyone

Hi, we are verlingo, the HR tech startup from Hamburg and Hannover. We believe that too many processes in HR and legal are too complicated and analog. That's why we use artificial intelligence to improve the everyday lives of millions of people. From the applicant to the recruiter to the specialist lawyer for employment law.

Our start - the intelligent analysis of job references

Who does not know it, at the end of an employment relationship a qualified reference is issued. But what messages are behind the formulations, understand only the fewest.

This was also the experience of our founders - after research they realized that they were not alone with this uncertainty. A solution was needed. The idea for a modern translation tool for certificate language was born.

Together, after a long conception phase and a lot of passion, this idea became reality. Today, everyone can have their job reference checked automatically on our website.

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In the meantime, our solution is used by numerous companies and legal protection insurances. Thanks to API interfaces, our customers can use the innovative certificate analysis for their applicants and customers in the existing infrastructure.

Anyone who can analyse job references should also be able to write job references without any problems. To make this as easy as possible for the HR department, we have developed a workflow that ensures the fast and uncomplicated creation of qualified job references.

From the reference to the entire application portfolio - the TalentScout

Job references were only the beginning for us. We use the self-developed technologies not only for the evaluation of job references, but the entire application documents!

With our award-winning TalentScout and drag-and-drop widget, applicants only need to upload their application documents to companies' career pages to apply. Time-consuming and frustrating filling out of online forms is a thing of the past.

For recruiters, candidate profiles are automatically created with all significant information. The whole thing is possible thanks to our intelligent algorithms.

Numerous personnel service providers, from 5-person companies to corporate groups, rely on our intelligent exposé creation.

Our team

Co-Founder Stephan Akrong
Co-Founder Philip Drengenberg
Co-Founder Mark Sang
Mark Sang
Kähler Boßert
Anna Weimer
HR Expert
Student Ida
Online Marketing
Student Joshua
Web Development
Junior Fullstack Developer
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Our history

  1. May 2021
    Entry Legal-Tech
  2. June 2019
    Launch TalentScout
  3. May 2019
    Winning the HR Innovation Award
  4. May 2019
    Opening of Hanover branch
  5. July 2018
  6. May 2018
    VentureVilla Seed Accelerator
  7. April 2018
    B2B Market launch of ZeugnisParser
  8. June 2017
    Setting up a business


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