Checking a job reference has never been so easy.

You will learn everything necessary from job references of your applicants/law clients without time expenditure and know-how of the reference language. ZeugnisParser extracts and analyzes all job references in seconds.

120.497Analyses performed
75.235Anomalies detected
3.490Satisfied customers
100 %Work facilitation

The ZeugnisParser supports you in the well-founded selection of your candidates and consulting of your clients.

New analysis
Easily upload your applicants' job references as PDFs.
Your rating
You can evaluate and thus filter your applicants independently of the analysis result.
At a glance
You can see the essential information (name, age, profession, analysis result) directly in the dashboard.
Dashboard ZeugnisParser
Overall result
If there are several certificates, the essential grades are displayed aggregated.
Your notes
Store your personal notes on each applicant.
You can see your applicant's career stages at a glance.
Analyse Bewerber
Overall score
The overall grade of the applicant gives you a first impression of the assessment of the certificate.
Set by set
You can see which set was evaluated with which grades.
You will learn the scores for each performance and behavior category.
Analyse Details
Negative reviews
Negative assessments are reflected in the scores of the individual categories.
Positive, neutral and negative conspicuities are shown in an easy-to-understand manner.
Warning signals
Negative aspects of the testimony are prominently displayed.

Job references are automatically analyzed and evaluated.

Our artificial intelligence analyzes the job references of your applicants/clients within seconds.

1. upload individual job references or entire application portfolios

Upload the documents as PDF or image file.

2. document classification and evaluation

Job references are automatically identified and evaluated.

3. all significant information at a glance

You will see all grades, conspicuities and activities of the appraisee.


Data protection DSGVO

The protection of personal data is our highest priority. We process personal data exclusively in accordance with the applicable legal provisions on data protection. Disclosure to third parties and misuse for other purposes is excluded. We take far-reaching and comprehensive data protection measures to protect personal data.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the AV contract and our comprehensive TOMs.

SSL encryption

All transmissions take place exclusively via secured HTTPS protocol.

Database encryption

All personal data is encrypted using AES-256 bit in our database. Access to the database is strictly controlled.

Server location Germany

Personal data is processed exclusively on servers in Germany.

Extensive analyses & evaluations

All grades (total & partial)

Also for single sets

Secret code detection

Recognition and translation of secret codes

All abnormalities

Are important elements missing? Was there any misconduct? etc.

Activity description

What is behind the position name

Extraction from application documents

No presorting necessary, certificates are automatically recognized from the sent documents

Until now, the analysis of job references required a great deal of time and resources.

Know-how of the certificate language must be available

Incl. personnel and training costs

Complete analysis of a testimony takes several minutes

experienced applicants send an average of five work references with

Warning signals are overlooked during the manual quick check

Lack of time ensures that not every testimony is read intensively

Media breaks are unavoidable

different file formats, results not visible in the applicant overview

Findings remain in the personnel department

Passing on to the specialist department if only possible with great effort

Integration with your applicant management system is also possible.

With our interface, the CertificateParser can be easily integrated into BMS / ATS.


The verlingo API is built according to the principles of REST. All connections are SSL-encrypted and require user authentication.


Our API supports JSON format for receiving (request) and sending (response) requests.


On the server side we use handlebars to create the HTML files of our frontend. We are happy to provide you with these for integration.

Per certificate

The evaluation of a one-page job reference takes an average of 11 seconds.

All documents

Thanks to automatic document classification, job references do not have to be transferred explicitly. Certificates are automatically recognized and analyzed separately.

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