API documentation

Information on the integration of our solutions into existing IT systems.


We offer all our services as cloud solutions for immediate use in your company. In addition, some of our services can be integrated into your existing software landscape. Examples of this are the integration into applicant management systems (ATS), ERPs or web platforms.

Currently we offer an interface to the following products:

Certificate Parser

With the help of ZeugnisParser, qualified job references can be automatically analyzed and evaluated within a few seconds. The job reference is transmitted as a PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF and then checked in its entirety and sentence by sentence. Thanks to OCR technology and machine learning methods, text recognition and interpretation are fully automated.

Certificate Generator

With the help of the ZeugnisGenerator, qualified job references can be created with the help of legally tested text modules. School grades and performance and behavior categories serve as input data. The result is a well-written reference for employees.

ExposéGenerator (TalentScout)

With the help of TalentScouts, high-quality candidate profiles/exposés can be created and shared as interactive web profiles with searching companies. Thanks to machine learning methods, candidate profiles are automatically created based on application documents.

Note: In order to be able to address our APIs, you need the corresponding access data. Please contact us, we will be happy to support you.

Do you need support?

You will find all essential information about the integration of our APIs in this documentation. If you still have technical questions, please contact your personal verlingo contact person.

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