TalentScout - Recruiting has never been easier

Fast creation of candidate profiles, thanks to smart automation. Faster interaction and feedback with the customer and faster placement of candidates are some of the salient benefits which the TalentScout provides.

automatic creation of candidate profiles

more applicants, thanks to lean upload procedure

sharing candidate profiles in a GDPR conform way

responsive candidate profiles

accelerated candidate placement based on intuitive feedback functionality

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Candidate friendly

no filling out of online forms

Applicants just need to upload all of their documents to your career website

Integration of Drag-&-Drop-Widget on every website is possible

60% more applicants because of way less churn

automated creation of candidate profiles

Evaluation of each document uploaded by the applicant

automated classifikation of documents and structured filing of different document types

Extraction of Information contained in the cover, cv, certificates etc. within seconds

50% faster creation of web based candidate profiles

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Sharing of candidate profiles

More than 40 different profile designs

sharing your candidate profiles with high GDPR conformity to your customer

keeping control of the profiles and data all the time. Access to profiles can easily denied by yourself

send never again emails with attached emails and save massive internal data storage

fast customer feedback

70% faster feedback, thanks to intuitive feedback functionality

responsive webdesign for candidate profiles

customer can evaluate your candidates regardless beeing at home, on their way or at work

each interaction of your customer (viewing profile, feedback, asking questions) will be communicated

20% more candidate placements because of faster customer interaction

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The basis of our products are modern technologies


Thanks to the usage of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and artifical intelligence we're able to classify documents and analyse their content semantically and optically. This enables us to extract all significant informationen of the application documents to a standardized profile

Winner of HR Innovation Award 2019


Our TalentScout got rewarded by the federal association for Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing and Recruiting (Queb).

„...a real game changer for all recruiter... In addition, verlingo provides for applicants something what everybody wants to have: a simple drag-and-drop upload instead of filling out long online application forms.“

Dominik Hahn - Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding ALLIANZ.

„verlingo is a innovative technology solution, which significantly minimized the work load for recruiter and applicants"

Marisa Leutenecker - Global HR Marketing & Employer Branding MAHLE.

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