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f.l.t.r.: Philip Drengenberg, Mark Sang Kähler-Boßert, Anna Weimer, Stephan Akrong

"From the automated analysis of working reference letters to the recruiting of the future"

Every German knows it, after leaving the company everybody gets his/her employment reference letter (called Arbeitszeugnis). But based on the fact, that these letters are written in the special German HR-language (Zeugnissprache), almost no employee understands how their performance and behavior is evaluated.

Exactly this experience happens to Stephan Akrong, one of the three co-founders of verlingo. After a lot of research, he recognized that he's not the only one struggeling to understand the true content of his reference letter. A solution was necessary, so the idea of using modern technologies as a translation tool for the "Zeugnissprache" was born.

Together with the co-founders Philip Drengenberg and Mark Sang Kähler-Boßert the idea becomes, after a long phase of conception and passion, reality. With support of recruiter Anna Weimer, the team of verlingo developed their unique software solution.

By this, we're supporting recruiters in their day-to-day business and ensure an acceleratored and, above all, sounder candidate preselection. At the same time, we enable all employees to understand the true content of their reference letters, by using our fast and affordable service at zeugnisprofi.com

That's by far not the end of our vision. Our team works on the recruiting of the future. Therefore, we're using our IT-know how in the areas of NLP and Machine Learning, as well as our HR-Insights, to simplify the application process and support the companies to accomplish the war for talents successfully.

Therefore we developed our TalentScout. Job candidates only need to upload there application documents, without filling out annoying forms etc. Lean processing at his best! Our artificial intelligence then classified each document, separates and analyses them fully automated. The extracted information of the candidate are used for creating one-to-two pager of candidate profiles, which contains all important information about each candidate in a standardized way.

We are confident, that only smart automated application procedure can help companies to find the best candidates! Less churn of candidates, increased employer branding are the result. At the same time, recruiter getting more time for the human-being beyond the hard-facts of the application document.

June 2019

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May 2019

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